Daryl Cowan

Daryl 'Dazz' Cowan

Owner - Computer Specialist - Phone & Tablet Specialist

I have operated Dr. D Computers for over 4 year now and with great success, fantastic reviews and responses as the years have accumulated. With over 13 years experience in computer construction and Repair, I challenged myself further by moving into more complex repair work for the likes of handheld devices and games consoles, ever expanding my knowledge and experience in these fields.

I continue to find the cheapest and most effective practices to ensure all my customers have a satisfactory experience using my services and leave with a smile on their face. 

I will always strive to enhance my knowledge in this industry keeping up to date with all the latest technology on the market and new software releases that can potentially better my own profession skills. 

So come and get in touch, for smaller quick jobs I offer you to come on in, have a cuppa as I work first hand in front of you to see my personal and professional attitude to the business. 

Stephanie Mainwaring

Trainee - Computer Repairs & Maintenance

A recent addition to Dr. D Computers. Steph has been an on and off trainee working closely with myself learning the basics and advances of custom PC construction, PC & Laptop maintenance, tuneup and software utilities to enhance the overall performances of your devices. 

She began her training late 2019 although came to a halt due to the Covid19 pandemic and thus her training has all been theory based at this time and hope to have her return once the pandemic subsides.